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Our newest release, The Wedding Present's "Valentina", will be coming out on vinyl in the US in late March.  The Wedding Present’s eighth studio album, "Valentina", comes four years after 2008’s critically acclaimed El Rey. Recorded in the wilds of France, the suburbs of Los Angeles and the lanes of Brighton, it shimmers with near perfection.

If you preorder, you can have yours shipped to you as soon as they get to us from the plant.  As always, the LP includes a digital download of the music for your mobile convenience.  There are two types of preorder for this record:

LIMITED EDITION PREORDER PACKAGE:  The package includes a special colored vinyl version of the LP (limited to 150 copies), along with a record tote screenprinted with the record middles.  One side of the totes will have the A side label, and the other the B side label.  The cost for this package is $20 plus shipping ($4 US, $12 international) and can be ordered here.  These will go quickly.

PREORDER THE LP BY ITSELF: If you don't want the tote and want regular black vinyl, you can preorder the record all by its lonesome.  The LP is $15 plus shipping, and your can order them here.

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