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Athenian Madeline Adams' first recordings happened in the afternoon when she got done with high school. She played shows around her hometown of Athens, GA before she was old enough to buy cigarettes. Since then, four more records and countless tours. "The Slow Bang" is a gem.

Originally released in 2006, Madeline's "The Slow Bang", is produced by Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck, whose ghostly piano and laid-back, well-placed percussion accompanies Adams’ own uniquely simple finger-plucked guitar, setting an intimate stage for the heart-breaking work of this southern siren. Picture the kind of summer heat that you have to fend off with bourbon and porch sitting, then layer that on top of the strawberry sweet voice of Madeline trying to get past the precociousness of youth.

If you preorder, you can have yours shipped to you as soon as they get to us from the plant.  As always, the LP includes a digital download of the music for your mobile convenience.  There are two types of preorder for this record:

LIMITED EDITION PREORDER PACKAGE:  The package includes the LP with download code, Madeline's original "What the Devil Don't Know" zine, which has been out of print since the original pressing in 2006, and a pillowcase with the Madeline "icon" art.  All drawings in the zine and for the pillowcase are original works by Madeline.  The cost for this package is $25 for LP plus shipping ($4 US, $12 international) and can be ordered here.

PREORDER THE LP OR CD BY ITSELF: You can always preorder the LP (with download code) by itself.  The CD is $12 plus shipping, and you can order them here.

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