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The Bastards of Fate make music for the 21st century, and possibly — if we make it that far as a species — the 22nd, It’s a cluttered screaming cacophony of connected isolation. ‘Winter of Our Discontent’ may be the bleakest, most emotionally wrecked thing you’ll hear all year, and ‘Own It’ might be the funniest—funny the way Kafka is funny, and bleak the way Bataille is bleak. Or is it the other way around? I guess we’re trying to say that Bastards write like novelists, that they sing with the soul of a choir, and they sound like nothing else on earth.

“Vampires are Real and Palpable” is a darker, altogether more desperate affair than 2012’s “Who’s a Fuzzy Buddy”, sounding less like a studio project and more like a band. It captures the visceral energy of their live shows—a chaotic mess of lightbulbs and screaming. Vampires laughs in the face of its demons; it scowls & weeps when confronted with angels. Cloaked in a sort of Edwardian grandeur, Vampires leaves one’s certainties in turmoil. It one of the deepest, most extreme, most tuneful records to emerge in recent memory.

LIMITED EDITION PREORDER PACKAGE:  The package contains your choice of the CD or LP (includes download code), plus you get a limited edition Vampire Survival Kit, which includes an individually numbered slaying stake, a wooden Crucifix for repulsion, emergency vials of holy water and garlic, all of which comes secured in a red velvet bag. The cost for this package is $20 for CD and $25 for LP plus shipping ($4 US, $12 international) and can be ordered here.

PREORDER THE LP OR CD BY ITSELF: You can always preorder the CD OR LP by itself.  The CD is $10 and the LP is $15 plus shipping, and you can order them here.

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