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Remember when you used to exchange Valentine's Day Cards with friends from school?  We think that's still a good idea.  Instead of chocolates and roses and stuffed bears and all that tired stuff, why not give your friends musical Valentines?

This is a 8-pack of Madeline Valentine's Day single postcards.  There are four different designs featuring Madeline's art, and each card includes a download code for her new single, "Body Electric".  You get two of each design in every pack.  $8 shipped!  You can order them here.

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Athenian Madeline Adams' first recordings happened in the afternoon when she got done with high school. She played shows around her hometown of Athens, GA before she was old enough to buy cigarettes. Since then, four more records and countless tours. "The Slow Bang" is a gem.

Originally released in 2006, Madeline's "The Slow Bang", is produced by Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck, whose ghostly piano and laid-back, well-placed percussion accompanies Adams’ own uniquely simple finger-plucked guitar, setting an intimate stage for the heart-breaking work of this southern siren. Picture the kind of summer heat that you have to fend off with bourbon and porch sitting, then layer that on top of the strawberry sweet voice of Madeline trying to get past the precociousness of youth.

If you preorder, you can have yours shipped to you as soon as they get to us from the plant.  As always, the LP includes a digital download of the music for your mobile convenience.  There are two types of preorder for this record:

LIMITED EDITION PREORDER PACKAGE:  The package includes the LP with download code, Madeline's original "What the Devil Don't Know" zine, which has been out of print since the original pressing in 2006, and a pillowcase with the Madeline "icon" art.  All drawings in the zine and for the pillowcase are original works by Madeline.  The cost for this package is $25 for LP plus shipping ($4 US, $12 international) and can be ordered here.

PREORDER THE LP OR CD BY ITSELF: You can always preorder the LP (with download code) by itself.  The CD is $12 plus shipping, and you can order them here.

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This Will Be Our Summer. is releasing a collection of Madeline rarities as a digital album in January 2012.  Since the holidays are here, we wanted to do something special with it since we think Madeline fans will love this career-spanning collection of unreleased tracks.

Madeline's new "B Sides" record is available before the January 3, 2012 release date as a greeting card with a download code on it. There's space to write a note to the person you're giving it to, and it is priced at $5 for a single card and $20 for a pack of five. Each card comes with an envelope, so all you have to do is address it and send it to a friend. Madeline drew the adorable little caroler on the front, so this is a unique way to gift Madeline's music to someone who has been naughty and/or nice.

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Johnny Cash illustration for preorder tote

Our first release, Madeline's "Black Velvet", will hit stores in June.  You can preorder the CD or LP now and they will ship as soon as they arrive from the plant.  There are two ways you can preorder:

LIMITED EDITION PREORDER PACKAGE:  The package includes your choice of the CD or LP (includes download code), plus you get a limited edition record tote with Madeline's "Johnny Cash" drawing screenprinted on it, a hand-screenprinted poster, and a copy of the zine Madeline is creating for the album.  The zine, poster, and tote are only available with the preorder package.  The package costs $23 for CD and $25 for LP and can be ordered here.  We only made 100, and we don't expect them to last.

PREORDER THE CD OR LP BY ITSELF: If you don't want all the special stuff that comes with the package, you can preorder the CD or LP (includes download code) by itself.  Prices are $10 for CD and $12 for LP, and you can order them here.

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We're releasing the first digital track from Madeline's "Black Velvet" so people can get a feel for the sound of the record, and get as excited about it as we are.  The single is "Hurry Up Pronto".  Feel free to dowload and share it.

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This is a lovely version of "Dead Moon", the first track on Madelne's new album "Black Velvet" due out on This Will Be Our Summer. Records in early June.  Recorded by the fine folks over at Slow Records.

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