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April 5, 2013

Preorder the Wedding Present "2 Chansons" Record Store Day 2013 7"!

For Record Store Day 2013, we are releasing The Wedding Present. "2 Chansons" 7", a 2-track vinyl single on 20 April 2013.  You can order it here.

David Gedge likes to give himself a challenge, so for Record Store Day 2012 he decided to release an EP... of not just four songs, but of four songs sung in French. Why not? A 'Twitter' campaign was launched to find a translator and Marie Causse, who also translates television shows like ‘The Family Guy’ for French TV was happy to help. This is an American vinyl release of two of those songs, 'Metal Men' and 'End Credits'.

The songs [recorded in the same session as the recently released album Valentina] would sound magnificent in any language.  ‘Metal Men’ is the surprise on the disc with a danceable beat and is about as perfect as a punk-pop song can be! A vignette gives you a slight breather before ‘End Credits’ pounds in with its heart beating double drummer rhythm… this time about the end of a love affair.

The sleeve for this American 7" version was designed and screenprinted by Mike Turner of Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records.  Limited edition of 500 copies.

Since this is a Record Store Day Record, preorders will ship on April 20, 2013.

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