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February 25, 2013

Preorder the new Kleenex Girl Wonder record, "Let it buffer."

"Let it buffer." is the first Kleenex Girl Wonder album of songs written (in practice spaces) and recorded (in pro studios) by the band, and it shows: huge guitars, thunderous bass, and pounding rhythmic production lay the groundwork for Graham Smith's philosophically acrobatic lyrics.

You can purchase the LP or CD by itself, or you can enjoy deluxe preorder.  The deluxe edition includes the LP (with download code) or CD, along with:

- 13 9"x9" art-works (1 per song) by Brian Musikoff

- 4-color uncut proof Thoth Tarot deck with original art by Greg and Fake (11 x 17 poster)

- "Komplete Greatest Works vol. 1," a 30-song cassette with gems from KGW's early years

The deluxe edition is only available in limited quantity.  You can order it here.

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