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TWBOS Winter Specials on CDs, LPs, and Shirts!

MADELINE.  All CDs are $8, all LPs are $10.  All deluxe editions are $5 off while supplies last.  We have three copies of the Black Velvet vinyl remaining, but they are only available as deluxe editions.  Any Madeline purchase comes with a free copy of the B-Sides Greeting Card.

Madeline t-shirts are $5 off while supplies last.  We have most sizes and colors remaining, but that won't be the case for long.

YOUR HEART BREAKSHats are now on sale for $5 each.  CDs are on sale for $8, and LPs for $10, and there is $5 off each deluxe edition of Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes while supplies last.

DEAD DOG.  $4 CD and $6 LP special.  Every order comes with the pack of trading cards from the deluxe edition.

BASTARDS of FATE.  $8 CD and $10 LP.  $5 off the remaining stock of Deluxe Furry Edition CDs (we only have a couple left).

Thanks!  This sale will be on through January 15.

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